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Denizli Pestemal have a great experience about the production of turkish towels and peshtemals. Denizli Pestemal was established at the Denizli to manage the export operations of peshtemals. Before, we had managed our export operations with the helps of Foreign Trade Companies. However, we gave a decision to reach our customers directly from our company. We are the one of the leading company of peshtemal manufacturing. Our factory is located in, a town of Denizli, Kizilcaboluk. Our head office is located in the city center of Denizli. We have two warehouses to manage our loadings. One of them is at Kizilcaboluk and the other one is at the center of Denizli. We are making our truck loadings from directly Kizilcaboluk Warehouse and the Express Cargo Shipments from Denizli Warehouse. Our main products are Turkish Towels, Peshtemals, Peshkirs, Peshtemal Robes and Throws. In addition to them, we are manufacturing the table cloths and sofa covers. We use cotton, bamboo, viskose and linen yarns. Mostly we use 20/1 ring yarn to get greatest quality. Denizli Pestemal is working with the biggest Dye-Stuff Houses which have GOTS Certificate. We have handloom machines and semi-auto loom machines. Our loom machines are suitable for dobby-style peshtemal weave. Denizli Pestemal implements JIT production techniques. It provides us work with minimum stock, minimum costs, and maximum quality. We have experienced weaver team, fringe-maker team, QC team and packing team. All our staffs have at least 5 years production experience about the peshtemal. Denizli Pestemal is completely family company. Our fathers, their wifes, sons, girls are working together to share this traditional products with all over the world. Denizli Peshtemal is the member of Denizli Chamber of Commerce and Denizli Exporters’ Association. Company Name: Hakki Aydinoglu Denizli Pestemal Tax Office: Pamukkale Tax Number: 18109845736 Denizli Chamber of Commerce – Registration Number: 42172 Denizli Exporters’ Association – Registration Number: 2579
Our company MELIS TEKSTIL is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below. We are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Our company MELIS TEKSTIL, a member of TurkishExporter, is engaged in production and trade in Denizli. Made in Turkey products we are supplying are as follows: turkish textile Turkey turkish towel Turkey turkish bathrobe Turkey. Please fill in the RFQ form inside this page to get a quote from us. We will reply you with our best price offer shortly..
Selin Textile had started to working life by towel production in 1986. The company had 150 m2 production area in those years. Today we continue to our activities in a modern 5000 m2 covered area with 112 workers by aiming & Unconditional Customer Satisfaction principle. Selin Textile who has, monthly, 200.000 pieces of towel and 30.000 pieces of bathrobe production capacity, realizes R&D and New Design studies by using the latest technology and tries to supply an unlimited service to his customers. The company who has any looms including jacquard types, cares of the customer satisfaction and desires, and follows the developments in the sector.
Our company, (DENIZLI KABLO SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI.) which has been in the business of manufacturing and exporting cable to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia countries for the past 10 years. The Company has a well-established and our services have always met with great customer satisfaction. We would like to offer our product to your esteemed company. We would like get in touch with you to discuss the details of our products and competitive prices. I’ ve just wanted to remind the product range (H05VV-F, H07V-R, H07V-K, H03VH-H, H03VV-F, H03VVH2, H05V-U, H07V-U, H05V-K, FLAT TWIN, TWIN EARTH , NYM, NYIFY types of cables) which are produced/manufactured by Denizli Kablo.
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